Patricia Pruitt's 1960 Imperial Custom Sedan

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I am the “Black IMP” and I joined the Pruitt family in October 2008, coming all the way from Redding, California! My odometer quit a very long time ago and I was looking pretty tough. In others words, I was labeled a "project car"!

Just this spring (2010) I received an all-new interior by upholstery guru, Arn Jacobs. This included seats, door panels, visors and headliner…really spiffy but not actually restored to original because I was in such bad shape no one could really tell what I was supposed to look like! We followed patterns from the brochures we had.

Hopefully this winter my family will begin work on my exterior and that too is going to be a really big project and a little bit scary. I am one of those cars that look great at 50 feet, but not so much close-up..... you know, dents, bondo, scratches, missing trim, etc.

If I must be honest, I had just a few mechanical issues too. I ran great…I made it all the way from California to Bozeman didn’t I? And with only a hitch or two; such as no generator, no gauges, no power anything except the speedometer and power steering. My brakes were very tricky and my steering was all over the road! Patricia knows.... she was my driver, stating that I did really well at 65-75 mph, but at low speeds I was a disaster. My power windows didn’t work so it was mighty chilly in October with no heater and she did complain a bit about the springs emerging from the driver’s seat and headlights that did not work. It is a wonder she still wants to fix me !

I am definitely a Survivor and “a work in progress".

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2008 - Unusual load arriving in Montana from  Redding, CA

Sedan at a local car show, 2010 Proud owners and their 1962 Imperial reflected in the fin of their 1960 Imperial

2010 Potato Festival Parade

Manhattan, Montana

The Pruitt's 1960 and 1962 Imperials



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